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Google Adwords Certification

I am proud to announce that I was able to successfully renew my Google Adwords Certification this month! This is just one minor achievement on my journey to becoming one of the leading digital marketers in the Caribbean. What exactly does this certification mean? It means that I am recognized by Google as being an expert…

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How to Edit BIT.LY links or Change the Destination URL

Have you ever asked the following questions: How do I edit a shortened bit.ly link? How do I change the destination of a bit.ly link? As marketing experts, I find that we tend to use URL shorteners like BIT.LY on a regular basis to shorten our URLs or make them more user-friendly and memorable for…

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No Matter What

Decide to become a “no matter what” person. Decide that you will make your dream become a reality…NO MATTER WHAT! It doesn’t matter if you run out of money or if life catches you on the blind side. It doesn’t matter if you experience disappointments, failures, or setbacks. You have what it takes to bounce…

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Refuse to Become a Victim of Circumstance

You are not your pain or your past. Refuse to become a victim of any circumstance, prior experience, person, or worse – a captive of your past life replayed over and over in your own mind. Commit to doing the hard work and the heart work so that your past will not define who you…

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Make Money Online – Become Caribbean Internet Entrepreneur

I am a Caribbean Internet Entrepreneur and I am proud! I am earning real money and operating a real business! I am Kemar Harris, a third year student at the University of Technology, Jamaica. For a very long time I have been sending out resumes and application letters applying for jobs, but still unsuccessful. Some have…

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My Passion Led Me To University

I had identified my passion for technology, programming and software development from an early stage in my life. I still remember how puzzled and confused I was at the age of 12, trying to understand how computers were able to do what they do and how programs were able to accept information and process it.…

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