Make Money Online – Become Caribbean Internet Entrepreneur

Make Money Online – Become Caribbean Internet Entrepreneur

I am a Caribbean Internet Entrepreneur and I am proud! I am earning real money and operating a real business!

I am Kemar Harris, a third year student at the University of Technology, Jamaica. For a very long time I have been sending out resumes and application letters applying for jobs, but still unsuccessful.

Some have blamed it on the downward streak of the Jamaican economy. But I can strongly say that there is still a way out, despite this economic crisis and lack of jobs.

It all started when I met Alicia Lyttle and Lorette LyttleThe Lyttle Sisters. I was trained by Alicia and Lorette for the purpose of helping out at Internet Income Jamaica’s Bootcamps. Though this training was for the purpose of helping out at their boot camp; the knowledge that they imparted had a tremendous impact on my life. I have always thought of online income as a myth and something that just wasn’t for me, but they have helped me to see things differently.  And my success is living proof that their years of experience as Internet Marketers have made them the best in the industry.

The experience and knowledge that they shared helped me to kick start my online business and I am now earning a steady income online. The Lyttle sisters have been nothing but a blessing ever since I met them.  They have thought me to persist and to work hard to achieve my goals.

The Lyttle sisters have thought me how to be an Online US $ Entrepreneur, Earning Real Money And Operating a Real Business! Today I can truly say that I am an internet entrepreneur and a full-time trainer at Internet Income Jamaica. All thanks to God, I am blessed and I am proud!


I am a Caribbean Internet Entrepreneur!!!!!

And you can be too!  Attend one of The Lyttle Sisters Training Bootcamp and you can gain the same training that I did, you can become a US Dollar Millionaire from starting your online business!

Don’t take the Lyttle sisters for granted. They might not be in your country for long. Contact them, get trained and get certified today.

Feel free to contact me at any time via my website at [email protected]

Want to learn how to make money online too? Message me and I will explain the process to you. You can message me on facebook at or email me at [email protected] 
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Kemar Harris

Kemar Harris - Digital Marketing Expert. Currently CEO of Geniuskem Solutions, Director at POW Social, Trainer at Internet Income Jamaica.