My Passion Led Me To University

My Passion Led Me To University

I had identified my passion for technology, programming and software development from an early stage in my life. I still remember how puzzled and confused I was at the age of 12, trying to understand how computers were able to do what they do and how programs were able to accept information and process it.

How does the computer know that it should turn on when I press the power button? How does the computer know how to turn on? Who created the operating system that tells the computer how to perform tasks? Where is this operating system? How was it built? These were just a few of the difficult questions I needed answered.

As a result of my passion and obsession trying to get my technological questions answered, I decided to pursue business and technology in high school. It was then that I was taught how computers and programs worked. It was then that I first heard the terms “binary code” and “programming language.”

My passion and quick understanding of technology-enabled me to sit the CSEC Information Technology Examination one year in advance and with the help of God, I was able to not just pass this exam but I was also awarded a distinction.

It was at this point in my life that I realized and was fully convinced that this is where my purpose lies; that this is truly my passion and the field that God wanted me to be in. And because of this, I applied to the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) to pursue my new dream of becoming a world-recognized computer programmer. With the minimum of 5 CSEC subjects, I applied to UTech at the beginning of my final year in high school. And just as God would have it, I was awarded an unconditional acceptance to the university.

I am now a 3rd-year honor role computer science student at the University of Technology, Jamaica!!! My passion and dream is now becoming a reality!!!

If I could do it, then so can you!!!

But I didn’t do it alone! I had Jesus by my side every step of the way!!! God forgives and God uplifts!


Kemar Harris

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Kemar Harris

Kemar Harris - Digital Marketing Expert. Currently CEO of Geniuskem Solutions, Director at POW Social, Trainer at Internet Income Jamaica.