Kemar Harris Is Marketing!

It's In My DNA...So Let's Talk Marketing.



My name is Kemar Harris, and YES, I am Marketing.

What exactly do I mean?

Well, simply put, it's in my DNA...Thanks to Alicia Lyttle, my mentor, coach and 'Mother' in Marketing.

My journey in Marketing started at the University of Technology, Jamaica where I pursued my first passion of being a computer programmer. While on this path, I was blessed with the opportunity to become a part of the Internet Income Jamaica team, led by the Lyttle Sisters & Andrew Reid.

Through this encounter, a new chapter of my life had begun. This was the start of a life-changing entrepreneurial journey that would mold me into becoming one of the top digital marketers across the globe today.

Currently, I am a Website Developer, Google Partner, Certified Digital Marketer, and Entrepreneur. And most significant of them all is that which is yet to come. Stay tuned to hear about my next big project!


I offer a full range of Digital Marketing services such as landing page design & optimization, Google Adwords management, Affiliate Marketing services and much more. Here are my top services.


Digital Marketing Consulting


E-Commerce & Website Development


Social Media Marketing & Conversion


Search Engine Marketing & Optimization

Let me help you with professional development of your website or landing page and with the marketing strategy of your next project. 

I can help to increase your return on investment and bringing you more conversions/sales. 



My Passion Led Me To University

I had identified my passion for technology, programming and software development from an early stage in my life. I still remember how puzzled and confused I was at the age of 12, trying to understand how computers were able to do what they do and how programs were able to accept information and process it.…


View live samples of websites that I have developed.


I look forward to talking to you, let's connect!

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