Website Development

I am a 3rd year computer science student at the University of Technology, Jamaica  (UTech) and a proud member of the UTech Sapna Initiative. The UTech Sapna Initiative is an initiative which is geared towards improving Jamaica’s ICT sector and producing global entrepreneurs to foster economic growth and technological development within Jamaica.

UTech Sapna provides practical training and experience to all those who are able to make it successful through their rigorous testing bootcamp. They train members with the latest technology and put on teams to do business with real clients and real customers.

As a proud and successful member of UTech Sapna and of the UTech, Jamaica, I can truly say that I am a software engineer! I am a web developer! I am a computer scientist!

I currently work on projects to build software and web applications to solve common problems faced by UTech, the Government of Jamaica as well as for other external organizations.

I am now a freelancer using my skills to assist international clients to solve their problems and improve their online presence. I have gained my skills from  UTech’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology Degree programme; the UTech Sapna Initiative; and my inherent passion and research in technology and web applications.