Thank you Alicia, Lorette and Andrew

Thank you Alicia, Lorette and Andrew

We Met Only In the Middle of This Year And It is Now The End of The Year – I Just Thought I Would Take The Time Out To Say Thank You For Making This Year An Amazing Year For Me.


Hey Alicia, Lorette, Andrew and our rock star Internet Marketing Team.


I just couldn’t end the year without taking some time to say thank you to our amazing leaders Lorette and Alicia Lyttle (haha I switched it around ) and Andrew Reid for making this year a life changing year for me.

I met you guys earlier this year, not to become a part of your team but to assist you for only 3 days at a boot camp that I knew nothing about. I think those 3 days were the highlight of my year, because if it wasn’t for those 3 days then I wouldn’t be where I am today. You guys had seen something in me that I didn’t even see in myself.

You have taught me so much, and have invested so much in me that I just couldn’t feel comfortable ending this year without pausing to show my appreciation for all that you have done. This is the most amazing team that I have ever worked with, and this has been more than a team it has become a family. A family that I am so proud to be a part of.

On behalf  of Lennworth, Michael, SueTanya, Ieasha, Shada, myself and the entire Internet Income Jamaica Team, I just want to thank you for making this year an amazing and life changing year.

You have all made a difference in our lives and we just want to wish you a prosperous 2014, one filled with new blessings and opportunities to change more lives!

(I would’ve paid someone on fiverr to write this for me or something even better but its Dec 31, 9:30 PM. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of saying thank you before the end of 2013. An amazing 2014 of hard work and prosperity, by the help of God, awaits us.

And while I tell you thanks, I just thought that I would also take the time to show you what I have accomplished this month, simple by mastering 1 tool, resource and knowledge that you taught me.

This is what I call the ULTIMATE Amazon Affiliate Website Gig, I love it even more than the Amazing I Will Sing A Song for $5 Gig :). With this gig I have gotten so many persons their approval to Amazon affiliates and started them on their marketing journey. And of course I am also earning affiliate commissions from persons who don’t already have hosting and domain name, who did you think teach me marketing



This gig was built on November 26, 2013. Do you guys remember the Amazon affiliate theme, it is the sane theme that was used in the bootcamp. You read about it and get a copy by clicking here.

Well just have a look at what this gig has done for me in just one month. This is my best gig yet, it is also my best month on Fiverr, since I have been busy all year with work and school.

This is what I have earned this month. (My best Month Yet!)

$444 in just one month. Sure its not as much as what some of you are making but I am still proud because I have a long way to go.


I have a pending balance of $364 and a Upcoming Earnings of $404 (20 orders in queue).




This gig goes to show that the skills that are taught at Internet Income Jamaica are priceless. If you can’t think of anything that you can use to earn money online, then remember and fall back to everything that was thought. My next gig will be a resume gig. Do you guys remember getting a resume theme during boot camp :).

You might not be into we development like I am but nevertheless there are still plenty of ways that you can make money online. Those of you who have attended skill building classes, utilize the new skills to offer new services.


Thanks again Alicia, Lorette and Andrew – you all made this possible and I am glad you chose me to be apart of this amazing, life changing, economy boosting team.

Jamaica will never be the same with Internet Income Jamaica still here.


These are my latest Gigs:

Ultimate WordPress Security

-Secure your webstie from hackers

-Secure your website from all wordpress vulnerabilities

-I can secure your website so that know one can even know you use wordpress!



Completely Monetize Your Website

– I will monetize any wordpress blog or website with the Amazon Affiliates Program

– I can get you accepted to the affiliates program:)



Again I Thank You Alicia, Lorette and Andrew on behalf of the team and our Internet Income Jamaica Family.

My apologies for any spelling or grammatical error, I couldn’t ask Diahanne Ogunde to proofread my article on such a short notice, don’t you guys realize its New Year’s Eve :).


Happy new year everyone, I wish you all a 2014 filled with prosperity and Godliness!

Without God Non of this would be possible – Thank you Lord for everything!!!


By Kemar Harris



Wow! I'm speechless! We are so blessed to have the opportunity to share what we know with others and to see their continued success is what keeps us going. Our team is so amazing and none of this would be possible without our team! We are so proud of you Kemar, you are appreciated more than you know! 2014 watch out here we come! Happy new year!


Wow! This is so amazing! I'm happy you were the one who wrote it Kemar because it's obvious your whole heart was into it. Happy New Year to you too and thanks for writing this on our behalf. Even better, thanks so much for spelling my name correctly! :-) 

You guys are totally awesome and I'm only sorry for one thing - that I didn't find you earlier! Alicia, Lorette and Andrew, you guys are super amazing! Thanks for all you've done for us! Looking forward to a fantastic time with the team in 2014!

May God continue to bless you all tremendously, especially you Kemar! (I told Lenny you were the best one you this all proves me right lol - wait till he sees this!). 

2014, here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)


Thank you Kemar!  We are so blessed to have you on our team. These past few months we have all been working so hard to make a difference - and we could not have done it without you!  Lets ROCK 2014!

kemarharris moderator

@AliciaLyttle You are welcome Alicia. I love working with you. We are definitely going to rock 2014!