My Services Include:

Website Development

I have been in the field of website development since September 2011. My professional and freelancing careers have tremendously improved my skills and level of experience. Since then, I have developed and managed a variety of websites. I now specialize in building websites on the following platforms/technologies:

  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • ASP.NET C#

Monetizing Websites

Websites can be expensive to host and maintain, especially if you are not earning from them and this is one of the primary reasons why I offer website monetizing services. I think it is time that you start earning an income from your website. I specialize in monetizing websites using the following tools/technologies:

  • Advertisements (such as Google Adsense) 
  • Affiliate Products (such as Amazon products)
  • Carts for accepting payment for products and services online (through payment processors such as PayPal).

Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is Website Search Engine Optimization? Have you ever used search engines such as Google or Yahoo to search the internet for things that you want? Sure you have! Now search for your website in one of these search engines. Do you see it listed on the first or second page? If no, Search Engine Optimization will help improve your ranking in search engines and help your website to show up when a search is initiated. If yes, Congratulations! But what do you see below the name of your website? Are you seeing the description of your website that you want to see there? Are you seeing something that will persuade visitors to come to your website?

Well, my Search Engine Optimization services will cover all of these points. It will make your website more search engine friendly, and at most times will result in your website getting a better ranking in search engines.

YouTube Video Optimization

Does your YouTube video show when you search for the title in YouYube? Do you have a specialized niche or geographical location that you want to be able to locate your YouTube video with ease? My YouTube video optimization services will help improve the quality of your YouTube video and help get your video found on the site.